The heart that gives, gathers...

Hi dear followers!

Here we are again, and this time with a very nice challenge! We have started a new project! We are looking for enthusiastic individuals or companies who want to donate their most beautiful item or service to us with the aim of donating the proceeds to @stichtingkindjesmethoop. With our loyal supporters we have already been able to achieve so much, and hopefully through this project we can do even more for the sweet orphans in Morocco. So, are you creative? Do you have your own service, a brand or a shop and are you willing to move mountains with us? Do not hesitate to send a message or app to +31 6 22 72 41 65.

Love, the children of hope! 

Children touch me so, the purity!

Children touch me so, the purity! With children that is a fixed fact, they are always themselves!

Very little effort

We do this to make the world a little better in our way. Unfortunately, it is never possible to save the whole world, but...

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